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Bigplic et Miniploc

Magic illustrations

Bigplic et Miniploc is a playful and beautifully designed game/ i-pad / i-phone app for toddlers (+2) and older children. One of our MAKI minimag favorites for a long time already!


MAKIminimag_Bigplic et Miniploc

Shapes and Colours: The creative mastermind behind Bigplic et Miniploc is French designer Céline Vernier and her playful design studio Pepillo. It is based on the idea of combining basic shapes and basic colours: circles, rectangles, triangles AND  red, blue and yellow.

 The game starts as a puzzle: you have to drag and drop the  forms to the matching outlines. When you are ready with dragging and dropping the picture will be finished. And you will her some APPLAUSE (really nice audio :))

MAKIminimag_Bigplic et Miniploc
Get creative yourself:  When you have completed the picture, all it´s elements are provided on the bottom of your digital playground. So you get extra  building blocks and you can start to make your own illustrations, create, build, expand, …..and give it your own form.

Share it with others: When your illustration is ready you can share it via Social Media or e-mail and send it to family and friends.

This is a selection of Bigplic et Miniploc illustrations you can choose from
And this is Bigplic et Miniploc >> Step by Step

Other things we love about Bigplic et Miniploc: 

  • Everything you do is accompanied by very nice little sounds (shaking, applause, drop something).
  • By tapping a form you can change its size
  • The forms are semi-transparent and by putting elements on top of each other you can create colourful effects
  • When your illustration is ready you can share it via Social Media or mail
  • You are getting one illustration to do for free, if you want to do the other nine you have to pay 1,79 €.

And last but not least: an example of one of the illustrations one of our little mAKI minimal crew members made himself  !!!

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