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Summer reading list #5 : Seasons by Blexbolex

Today it is already the last book of our summer reading list: “Seasons” by Blexbolex. The illustrations about summer are so lovely and diverse that even if it is a book about all the four seasons we chose it for our summer reading list. On creamy-white paper a world of associative, silkscreen-like illustrations unfolds – about the cycle of nature and the different qualities of the seasons. Every picture is combined with a descriptive term in capital letters. “A picnic, a shadow, a camping”. “Seasons” shows general themes and things such as ice-cream, swimming pool and departure, but zooms in on small details as well, such as a sunburn, a forgotten towel or ant-trails.   Blexbolex is a French author, comics artist and illustrator. He has a special, highly experimental approach to printmaking and book production. His illustrations are quite poster-like, with simple shapes, bold colours and an overall retro-feel. Blexbolex has won prestigious awards as the Best Book Design at the Leipzig Book Fair 2009 and The New York Times Best Illustrated Book in 2010). If you want to know more …

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MAKI:minimag summer reading list – #2

We have compiled a little summer reading list with five of our favourite children´s books. Number 1 has been “Backe backe Kuchen”, about playing with sand. Number 2 on the MAKI:minimag summer reading list is “Heidi, Peter und der Garten” (Heidi, Peter and the garden) by French illustration hero Alain Grée. It is about Heidi and Peter visiting their uncle Bertram and his garden. In beautiful colours Grée shows  sorts of flowers in the garden, the different trees, tells about the vegetable garden and how you care for it. It shows the animals that live in a garden and features a little picture story about how an apple becomes a tree becomes an apple again. We love these vintage illustrations in bold 60/70ies  colours and their naivety of form. There are other books of Alain Grée (which are available in English) which are great for a summer reading list. There is “Nature”,  a compilation of books, including, amongst others, ‘On the farm’ and ‘In the forest’. In simple words it tells children about the different flora and fauna they …

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Children´s books for summer – Five MAKI:minimag favourites – #1

As summer has definitely started here in the Netherlands I wanted to show you five of my favourite children´s books for summer – this best time of the year. “Backe, backe Kuchen, der Bäcker hat gerufen” (Bake, bake a cake, the baker called) originally is a children´s song and nursery rhyme about what you need to bake a cake. 20 years ago, writer Anne Geelhar turned it into a picture book verse and a story about a brother and a sister playing in the sandbox. And artist and children´s book illustrator Inge Gürtzig did the beautiful linoleum stencil illustrations. In summer colours and sharp outlines. A happy and simple children´s play scenery, with the girl and the boy serving cakes and cookies to their teddy, duck and Punch. Number one of our five children’ s books for summer is perfect to read to little ones, to learn a new song and to get some inspiration for great sand box cakes:).   Like this:Like Loading…