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MAKI:minimag_DOT. The happy mag for creative kids

DOT. kids magazine #2

Here is the second of our series on creative kids magazines. The first one was the french magazine Georges. Today we travel to England, where DOT comes from. DOT is the new, quite lovely magazine by the publishers of the famous kids magazine Anorak (we will feature that one soon too – promised!:) It is designed for toddlers. DOT is not just the name of the magazine but also the name of its main character who carries in his head all that is needed to solve any problem. The magazine’s first issue, focusses on the theme of shapes and includes stories, games and activities, all written and edited by Cathy Olmedillas and beautifully illustrated by Anorak’s chief designer Anna Dunn. Guest illustrators include Jon Boam, Lauren Humphrey and Andres Lozano. You can buy a copy of the first issue of DOT magazine here. Like this:Like Loading…

MAKI:minimag_Die blaue 2_detail

Pop Up Art 2

The book “Die blaue 2” is the follow up of “1 roter Punkt” (One red dot) by David A. Carter. This time it is a blue two that is hiding very elaborately in different architectural paper constructions. Again it is a true piece of artwork made of paper!!! Das Buch “Die blaue 2” ist das Nachfolgebuch von “1 roter Punkt” von David A. Carter. Dieses Mal ist es eine blaue Zwei die sich sehr kunstvoll in den verschiedenen architektonischen Papierkonstruktionen versteckt. Wieder ein echtes Kunstwerk aus Papier!!! Het boek “Die blaue 2” is de opvolger van “1 roter Punkt” (1 rode stip) van David A. Carter. Deze keer is het een blauwe twee die zich heel kunstvol in verschillende architectonische papierconstructies verstopt. Het is weer een echt kunstwerk gemaakt van papier!!!     Like this:Like Loading…

MAKI:minimag_William Bee_Whatever


Whatever by William Bee is one of the funniest children books. Great illustrations, not a lot of words, And a great, hilarious ending… The original version had much more pages, if you want to see some pages that did not make it into the final version, check William Bee´s blog. “Whatever” says Billy. It doesn’t matter what Dad shows him – whether it’s the tallest giraffe or the smallest butterfly or the world’s curliest trumpet or the steamiest train. Even a trip to outer space yields the dismissive response, “Whatever”. Until, that is, Billy meets the world’s hungriest tiger and is promptly gobbled up. “I’m still in here Dad,” yells Billy. “Whatever,” says Dad! Like this:Like Loading…