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MAKIminimag_First print issue_cover

The first print issue is on it´s way: MAKI minimag

Welcome to Issue One of MAKI minimag! After a year of hard work we are proud to present the first printed issue. Pre Order MAKI minimag via Come along on a happy journey through the RAIN! More than 40 pages of stories, comics, spot-it games, riddles, recipes, experiments …. And an interview with a raindrop! For children to explore, read and look at. Alone or together with their happy grown-ups! Rain and rainy days don´t have to be boring or stupid: WIth MAKI minimag they can be surprising, fun, poetic and much much more… With artwork from: Steffie Brocoli (France), Sue Doeksen (Netherlands), Jana Glatt (Brazil), Yuliya Gwilym (Netherlands), Reka Kiraly (Finland), Agata Krolak (Poland); Elliot Kruszynski (UK), Saar Manche (Netherlands), Ola Niepsuj (Poland), Simone Porteder (Austria), Nanna Prieler (Austria), Sarah Vanbelle (Belgium) And contributions from international writers, editors and designers. Like this:Like Loading…

MAKI:minimag_DOT. The happy mag for creative kids

DOT. kids magazine #2

Here is the second of our series on creative kids magazines. The first one was the french magazine Georges. Today we travel to England, where DOT comes from. DOT is the new, quite lovely magazine by the publishers of the famous kids magazine Anorak (we will feature that one soon too – promised!:) It is designed for toddlers. DOT is not just the name of the magazine but also the name of its main character who carries in his head all that is needed to solve any problem. The magazine’s first issue, focusses on the theme of shapes and includes stories, games and activities, all written and edited by Cathy Olmedillas and beautifully illustrated by Anorak’s chief designer Anna Dunn. Guest illustrators include Jon Boam, Lauren Humphrey and Andres Lozano. You can buy a copy of the first issue of DOT magazine here. Like this:Like Loading…

MAKI:minimag_kids magazines_Georges_numero-pomme

Georges // kids magazine #1

Since we discovered the French kids magazine Georges in 2011 we are huge fans. And in fact it was THE inspiration for our own kids magazine MAKI – which we are working on at the moment. To show you a little bit more about our research and inspiration we will present some of the most lovely children magazines from now on. And we start with Georges. Three times a year a new issue is published, about themes as Pop, dinosaurs, apples or elephants. The magazine aims at children from 7 to 12 years old and is for everyone interested in beautiful graphic design. It offers a mix of stories, games,  little interviews and experiments. Seit wir 2011 das Französische Kindermagazine Georges entdeckt haben sind wir große Fans. Und ehrlicherweise war es auch DIE Inspirationsquelle für unser eigenes Kindermagazine MAKI – an dem wir momentan arbeiten. Um Mal einen Eindruck zu geben, was wir alles gefudnen haben und was uns inspiriert werden wir von jetzt ab verschiedene, großartige Kindermagazine präsentieren. Und wir fangen mit Georges an. Drei mal im …