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MAKI:minimag_Atop a Daniel Frost

Atop a hill in Frostville

↓ Scroll down for Dutch/German version! A book without words. Is that possible?!? Yes, it is – as Daniel Frost, a young, London based illustrator proves. His first children´s book is called „Atop a hill in Frostville“ and is a wordless story. A boy and his dog wake up on a sunny morning and go on a walk through town. This is the beginning of a long, adventurous chase! Every page bristles with visual energy and humour, extraordinary and exaggerated characters, inventive street scenes and colourful details. For hours you can look, laugh, discover and invent stories….   Daniel Frosts style is modern and fresh, with a nod to 1950/60ies illustrations and their limited colour palette. Using watercolour paint, crayons and collage and a simplified imagery he creates quirky and funny worlds and characters. Inspired by the strangeness of everyday life.  For little ones and grown ups!  More of Daniel Frost and his current work here. Atop a hill in Frostville is published by Little Otsu, Portland.   Een boek zonder woorden. Is dat mogelijk? Ja, is het – …