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Summer reading list #5 : Seasons by Blexbolex

Today it is already the last book of our summer reading list: “Seasons” by Blexbolex. The illustrations about summer are so lovely and diverse that even if it is a book about all the four seasons we chose it for our summer reading list. On creamy-white paper a world of associative, silkscreen-like illustrations unfolds – about the cycle of nature and the different qualities of the seasons. Every picture is combined with a descriptive term in capital letters. “A picnic, a shadow, a camping”. “Seasons” shows general themes and things such as ice-cream, swimming pool and departure, but zooms in on small details as well, such as a sunburn, a forgotten towel or ant-trails.   Blexbolex is a French author, comics artist and illustrator. He has a special, highly experimental approach to printmaking and book production. His illustrations are quite poster-like, with simple shapes, bold colours and an overall retro-feel. Blexbolex has won prestigious awards as the Best Book Design at the Leipzig Book Fair 2009 and The New York Times Best Illustrated Book in 2010). If you want to know more …