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Summer reading list #3 : ABC du marin

Today it is time for number three on our Summer Reading List: ABC du marin by French artist Virginie Morgand. A book full of wonderful illustrations, inspired by hands-on printing techniques and 50ies/60ies children´s toys and literature. The Paris based artist uses hand drawn shapes and bright colours to create vibrant images full of life and energy. Anchors, buoys, bulls-eye´s, pirates and parrots, lighthouses – it is all there in this blue, red and yellow sceneries. A perfect book for summer, like a little vacation and a graphic adventure in one. That is why we put it on our summer reading list. Virginie’s background is in animation but, having learnt how to screen print at L’atelier Dupont, she has developed her own visual language as an illustrator working for a growing number of clients. Recent projects include children’s books for book publisher MeMo, illustrations for The Sunday Times, Elle magazine, Barneys in New York, and front covers for Ballroom Review, The Parisianer and Erratum. If you want to see more of her fantastic work look over here. Like …