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MAKI:minimag_ABC der Tiere_Piatti

ABC der Tiere – Animal ABC

When I stood in the bookshop lately I saw a book. And I suddenly had this memory flashback: me, as a little kid, sitting on a small striped couch, book on the lap, watching these impressive drawings of animals… lots of black lines …strong colours… a kind of intensity and strangeness about them. I am talking about Celestino Piatti´s Animal ABC. What a picture book classic! I will try to find the original book at my parents house. But in the meantime I took some photographs of the new edition (Nord Süd, 2015) at the bookshop. Celestino Piatti (1922-1907) was a Swiss graphic designer, painter and book designer. He illustrated some very famous children’s book, as “The happy owls”. He achieved international success as a designer for the Deutsche Taschenbuch Verlag (DTV). The Animal’s ABC, with its colour intensive, black outline style dates from 1965. It was published just two years after Maurice Sendak´s children´s book classic “Where the wild things are”.         Like this:Like Loading…